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To assist your business, Mydbops offers knowledgeable MySQL database administration professionals with a solid foundation in this database environment.

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Mydbops can help you boost productivity, cut costs, and safeguard your vital data if you want to get more out of your IT investments. Your needs will be considered as we tailor our DBA services, from enhancing your current team to working on a unique project or offering MySQL as a Service support.
  Oracle MySQL, Percona MySQL & MariaDB Database Development
  Database Architecture Support
  Database Optimization
  High Availability (HA) Solutions
  Reliable & Scalable Clustering Solutions
  Database Backups
  Troubleshooting & Resolving Problems
  Database Upgrades & Cloud Migrations
  Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions
  Database Operations Automation
  Audit & Secure Database Systems
  Managed Services Support to your Database Systems
  Database Change Control Processes
  Migrations from enterprise databases to MySQL
  Monitoring Solutions
  MySQL (support for both Enterprise and Community versions)
  MySQL Data Encryption
  MySQL SSL Implementation
How Mydbops can help you?
Rely on our expertise
For your benefit, our dependable team of knowledgeable DBAs works around the clock every day of the year. Our database administration and management expertise mean you can leave the hassle to us and focus on other business priorities.
Reach Business Performance Objectives
We use industry standards and cutting-edge performance tactics to guarantee that your vital business operations are always accessible. In the event of an emergency, we also offer trustworthy database recovery and backup services to keep your data secure.
Reduce costs and complexity
You can save a lot of money by using Mydbops to standardize and improve your everyday database management operations. Our unique backup processes cut down on the volume of solutions you need to manage and lower storage expenses.

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Fast-growing organizations around the world, like Facebook, Twitter, and Verizon, use MySQL to save valuable time and money. Join them. Join us.