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ProxySQL consulting describes the expertise and services offered by professionals who have worked with the ProxySQL database administration system. These professionals may assist businesses with a range of ProxySQL-related tasks, including assessment and analysis of existing database infrastructure, design, and implementation of ProxySQL solutions, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

How Mydbops Consulting helps you:

ProxySQL is an open-source proxy server for MySQL and MariaDB. It acts as a middleman between an application and a database server and is used by multiple organizations around the world.
Here are the ProxySQL Consulting services offered by Mydbops:
Database Service Automation
Automate your routine administrative and operational database chores to lower your operating costs.
Performance Auditing or Health Checks
A thorough analysis of your database environment and suggestions for enhancing the caliber and dependability of your database services.
High Availability
Utilize our expertise to achieve and maintain your annual SLA performance goals.
Performance Tuning
Fine-tuning your ProxySQL and database services environment to tailor your setup to the workload and performance requirements of the applications.
Security Audit
With our thorough security audit, we'll examine your present setup to find vulnerabilities and make sure your database services are protected.
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